Why More and More People are Giving the Gift of Travel this Season

Why More and More People are Giving the Gift of Travel this Season
‘Tis the season for good cheer, family togetherness and dreams coming true… and for us, that all adds up to travel. More than ever before, this may the year to give the gift of travel - to yourself or to your family. 

More and more people are trading in exhausting entertaining for holiday trips where you’re not the one doing all the work – instead, you’re being pampered and living your best life as you celebrate the season.

Others are pulling the plug on lengthy, stressful shopping wish lists, and going all-in giving loved ones a special trip in the coming year.

They’re giving themselves or their loved ones a thoughtful, heart-felt, and memorable gift they’ll cherish and remember forever. 

Here are some more reasons to consider the gift of travel:

We value experiences over things.
Study after study shows that what we remember and cherish are experiences, not stuff from the mall - even stuff we think we really want - we’ll never remember if it’s gone. Travel experiences take us out of our daily grind, give us a fresh perspective on the world and each other and create a lifetime of memories.

For many people, travel is the ultimate dream, and the gift they’ll cherish most.

Time spent together is the best treasure.
As the world gets ever faster and people ever busier, the most valuable commodity is time. Time spent together, nurturing relationships, creating shared memories that uplift us and that we can cherish through the years ahead – those are among the real gifts that travel with our loved ones gives us.

Put less in the landfill.
Every human activity has an impact on the world, but less shopping and fewer things mean less waste in creating them – and less waste when thrown away. Many of us already have too much ‘stuff’: clothes, accessories, devices… Giving the gift of travel to ourselves or to loved ones lets us show how much we care for them – and helps care for the planet in keeping waste out of landfill.

Those are just some of the ways the gift of travel helps us celebrate that good cheer, togetherness and dreams coming true that embody the spirit of the season.

Thank you for trusting us with helping you make travel memories, and wishing you the very best of the season, wherever you spend the holidays.

Happy Holidays!

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