VIDEO: Meet the Moselle River on an Avalon Active & Discovery Cruise

The Moselle is one of the rivers less-traveled in Europe, and that’s just the beginning of the magical appeal of an itinerary that sails from Luxembourg, then the Rhine and Main into Germany. Three waterways with two wine regions, a famous stretch of castles, plus “Active” and “Discovery” shore excursions that give new ways to experience the countryside, cities and culture of the region fill a sunny week that also gives us time to relax. 
Cruise/travel journalist Lynn Elmhirst sailed on an Avalon Waterways Moselle itinerary recently, along with one of the cruise line’s new executives. Senior Director of Marketing, Ainsley Ericksen, is actually pretty new to cruise, so Lynn was interested in Ainsley’s first impressions of the charms of Avalon’s river cruise ship and this itinerary that should be on the list of anyone who loves to experience the relaxed side of Europe.
WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE to learn more about:
Avalon ships’ open-air panorama window staterooms with your bed facing the view;
An unusual perk: breakfast room service that lets you chill in your bed in the morning watching the scenery go by; and
The social life in public areas that are one of the best things about river cruising with just over a hundred other guests.
Get a taste of the twists and turns of the intimate Moselle river, Luxembourg’s famous sparkling wine, Germany’s castles, vineyard-covered steep riverbanks on the middle Rhine, spicy mustard mills, a brewer with a PhD in pilsner and a mediaeval tower brewery, and more.
Video: Lynn Elmhirst/ BestTrip tv
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